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Today companies are faced with a wide variety of challenges in the marketplace, from sustaining growth, to controlling costs, to facing new competition, internet competition, and the need to enhance customer loyalty. Today's trends call for action to identify new and unique 100% target market opportunities and audiences, while connecting with reliable partners.

Jeep is the #1 accessorized vehicle in the U.S. and Jeep owners and enthusiasts are the perfect target market for aftermarket products and outdoor lifestyle recreation products/activities. The Jeep community has a impressive wide range of demographics from age 16 to 90's, with just as many females as males. Since your target market is the loyal, passionate Jeep community...4JO has the marketing/advertising platform for you.

Jeep Community Quick Facts

  • It is estimated there are over 13 million Jeeps in the USA
  • Jeep in the most patriotic auto brand in the USA
  • Jeep is the #1 accessorized vehicle in the USA
  • Jeep has been iconic and legendary 4x4 sport utility vehicle for the past 70 years
  • There are over 250 Jeep Clubs in the with a total membership/followers of over500,000. Some clubs with membership over 10,000 for one club.
  • The Jeep community is very loyal and passionate about the Jeep brand, their Jeepsand the Jeep Lifestyle

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